This is my first attempt at making a fairy house. All you need is cardboard, twigs and something to stick it all together. I used a glue gun.

For the roof and door I used twigs, but for the walls I used some bark from a dead tree. If you want to use tree bark to make a fairy house, check it for insects and spider or beetle eggs before using!

For the walls, I used 4 different pieces of cardboard. In hindsight, if would have been even easier just use a small carton box and cut a hole for the door and window.

Check out my step by step video on how to make a fairy house here:

Build a fairy house
Find a nice spot in your garden, and check often to see if any fairies have moved in!

This is a fun project, and the house is simple enough for you to get REALLY creative and decorate it as you please.