Here is an easy step by step tutorial to make your own cardboard fairy house using some junk in your house. All you need is an empty plastic cool drink bottle, some cardboard, egg packaging and some glue.

Use your imagination and decorate your fairy house in your own special way!

To create your own fairy house, just follow the step by step instructions in this video on the Detormentis YouTube channel.

I used small pieces of egg packaging carton to make a stone effect. The door, window other wood effect is made from cardboard. Most plastic bottles are now made from recycled plastic. The cool drink bottles are especially thin, so to avoid warping the plastic when using a hot glue gun, let the glue cool for a couple of second before placing it.

Here is something to try: To create a more realistic look to your wood, you can draw grooves into the cardboard with a ballpoint pen.

You can decorate your cardboard fairy house with some craft paint. Make it unique, and remember to have fun!

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