Welcome to Detormentis!

Thank you for stopping by! I am a father of 3 daughters, happily married now for almost 11 years and as you can imagine, my children are quite young.

I find myself getting involved with a LOT of school projects, helping my children with whatever projects and tasks needs to completed for their various school subjects. Truth is, as is the lot of any parent, I end up doing the bulk of the work. Its just as well, because I discovered I certainly enjoy it more than they do. They are very quick to complain they don’t know what to do or where to start. I discovered that the biggest obstacle for them is their inability to visualize how a empty cereal box can be turned into a house.

Growing up, I did not have any creative hobbies. School and sports took up most of my time, and whatever time I had left went to reading books. It was only when I dropped out of university and found my first job that I discovered a love for making and creating things with my own hands. My first job was a technician, fixing and repairing electrical appliance. I learned just enough about electronics and components that I was able to start building little gadgets, like an electronic timer and a simple wireless radio. I even went so far as to qualify for an amateur radio license (HAM operator).

Ever since then I have always enjoyed tinkering around the house and building my own things.

My work bench (build it myself!) where I create projects and make videos.

With the Detormentis YouTube channel and this web site I want to share with you the things I create. Simple DIY crafts and projects that is easy enough for a child, sometimes with the assistance of a willing adult, to make. Having a creative hobby is one of the most wonderful and enjoyable ways to pass time, improving your skills without ever feeling like you are learning.

Everyone needs a hobby of some kind. Get inspired as I create miniature worlds, like fairy houses, my own DIY Hot Wheels accessories and dioramas.

I started my YouTube channel originally making videos of puzzles and riddles, such as Spot the Difference and Find the Odd one Out. This was also inspired by the things my children (used to) like. Hopefully now I can use the channel to guide and help children into making things. Help them to visualise how all the junk and things around the house can be used to create their own playthings.

And don’t worry. Almost all of the things I create is made from stuff you can find around the house – like cardboard boxes, twigs, pebbles and so on. Having a hobby shouldn’t break the bank. This is important to remember especially when you are starting out with a new hobby and you are just trying it out. Don’t spend a lot of money before you are well into it and certain that is something you enjoy.

Please come check out the Detormentis YouTube channel and remember to subscribe!