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With the right appliance, Sous vide becomes a relatively easy way to introduce stress-free cooking at home by delivering restaurant-quality vacuum cooked food time after time.

The smallest sous vide tool but with the most powerful heater, the Chefsteps Joule is

Simple the best Sous Vide tool for 2017:

Our full review of the ChefSteps Joule

Sous vide (pronounced “sue veed”) is a cooking technique where your food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag and cooked in low-temperature water – precisely controlled to ensure your food is never over- or under cooked.











Unlike traditional cooking where you don’t have don’t have exact control over heat and temperature, sous vide cooking gives you precise control of the temperature you are cooking at, down to the exact degree. This enables you to consistently cook your food to your exact taste. Perfect for cooking meat and seafood.

How to cook sous vide

It is as easy as seasoning your food, seal it in a sous vide bag, place your sous vide tool in a pot with water at the desired temperature and drop your bag in the water. Your food will now cook while you carry on with life, watching television or entertain guests. After cooking, give the food a quick sear, and serve. If you are looking for sous vide recipes to get started, we have some right here.


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